Chase That American Traffic

In dealing with Adsense, or even with some other PPC netwroks, it is not only the volume of traffic that is important. The origin of the traffic is also of equal importance when you want to earn a decent income from Adsense. PPC networks give more value to traffic coming from progressive countries compared to the third world countries.

The logic is simple. The internet users from those countries have the higher possiblity to buy goods from the internet because they can afford it while the third world people (I belong here) won't give a damn since they don't have the resources (although a little percentage can). Adsense won't neither give a damn. If your traffic mostly come from third world countries, you'll earn cents from them. So if you really want to earn good dollar, chase that American traffic.

I made a little experiment (though not scientific one) with my entertainment sites. Because these sites are centered on Philippine entertainment, they are optimized for the Philippines. Most of them are doing good in Google's SERP. That high ranking they receive from Google provides a lot of organic traffic swarming to my sites. But my Adsense earning is still low. It wouldn't be my ad placement as the culprit as my ads are getting an average of 7% CTR, which I think is a little bit high for an entertainment niche.

Although my sites are doing good in the SERPs in the Philippines, most of them are lurking in the second page of the SERP in the US data centers. So therefore, only a few traffic are coming from the US.

There are only a small number of Filipinos in the US compared to the Philippines (of course), but the traffic they can generate might help increase my per click value. To get that traffic, I need to rank higher in the US data centers. So I optimized my sites for the US data center.

After two weeks, some days only, most of them are already in the front page of Google's SERP. Some even ranked first for their respective keywords. The US traffic started to pour in my sites. The Filipinos in the US are alredy visiting my sites and some are even clicking the ads. And I was right, my earnings increased more than half those sites were earning before.

That little experiment I did was three months ago as of this writing and the result is still consistent. My earnings have increased remarkably with those sites. So even if you are in a low paying niche as long as you can generate a lot of US traffic and clicks, you can still earn a good dollar from Adsense.


vishal said...

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Jonathan said...

If you can rank in the US, then try other niches and you will earn more. Target US audience and also with the UK. My sites are centered on those countries so my earnings in adsense is quite cool.

Anonymous said...

If you are just good in SEO, why be contented with low paying niche anyway? Target high paying keywords and US/UK traffic and you will become rich!

Filipino Recipes said...

That is why I am targeting US readers for my Filipino Recipes blog. One way to do this is to set it in Google webmaster tools particularly in the target country - set it to US so that the site will rank well in the US.

kuan said...

The importance of location determine where your ad’s will be showing, it also disables the other areas of which you don’t want to the ad to show.

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