Free SEO Tools: Broken Links Finder

Broken links can be dangerous to your website's health. This could annoy your visitors when they click for a link then reach a 404 page that says the page they are looking for is not found in this site. In the first place, they are not literally looking for that friggin' page. It was you (the webmaster) who set that up then brought them to that 404 page.

Worst, if the webmaster did not setup a 404 page, it is more annoying for the visitor to see the default browser 404 page. That experience to the visitor is very frustrating and may vow not to come back to your unprofessional website anymore. Not fixing those broken links can hurt your reputation as a webmaster from your visitors.

Chase That American Traffic

In dealing with Adsense, or even with some other PPC netwroks, it is not only the volume of traffic that is important. The origin of the traffic is also of equal importance when you want to earn a decent income from Adsense. PPC networks give more value to traffic coming from progressive countries compared to the third world countries.

The logic is simple. The internet users from those countries have the higher possiblity to buy goods from the internet because they can afford it while the third world people (I belong here) won't give a damn since they don't have the resources (although a little percentage can). Adsense won't neither give a damn. If your traffic mostly come from third world countries, you'll earn cents from them. So if you really want to earn good dollar, chase that American traffic.

Free SEO Tools: Social Bookmarking Sites Mass Submitter

Social bookmarking sites are so popular nowadays that many internet users rely on them in bookmarking their favorite websites. These are the online counterparts of the bookmarks you can set locally in your browsers with many additional features.

There are million of users that flock these sites everyday and do their searches for topics of their interests instead of the search engines like Google and Yahoo! or Bing. So if one user decides to share his bookmarks to the public, the websites/pages in his bookmarks appear in the search results if it matches the search keyword entered by the user. Once your site has been bookmarked and  found by a user in the search result provided by the site, you will be guaranteed of a targeted traffic for your site.

Backlinks - What the Hell Are They?

I have been talking about gaining backlinks in my previous posts without even giving details what is that all about and how important it is in our SEO campaigns. For me, it is the most important aspect in your SEO campaign to gain higher ranks in the search engines.

It is this important that a lot of SEO practitioners are burning their asses just to get backlinks for their sites. But just why the hell are they doing that? Simple, this Google thing is just like a popularity contest and the most popular contestant gets the prize. And how Google determines the most popular? There are a lot of factors Google considers but the one that gets more weight is this what we call Backlinks.

Free SEO Tools: Directory Submitter

This is my second installment for the free SEO tools that I mentioned in my previous post -"Free SEO Tools: Article Submitter". This is another mass submission software that can help us in submitting our site in different website directories in the internet.

Submitting your site to different website directories can improve your site's link popularity and thus, improve the site's ranking. As many experts say, links coming from these directories are "lighter" compared to the links coming from articles submitted to article directories. This is due to the fact that many directories has been proliferated by spammers. But there are still many descent directories out there that search engines trust and they are the ones listed in the software that I am going to introduce below.

Free SEO Tools: Article Submitter

There are a lot of SEO tools that you can use to improve your SEO campaign. But if you are tight in your budget, or you are a beginner in this field, it is nice to know that there are free SEO tools that you can effectively use in your campaigns. These free SEO tools can save you money and time in doing your SEO routines.

I have here free SEO tools to introduce for those who are looking for them. I am confident to introduce and recommend these tools as I have been using them for a while and they are really effective. This will be my first installment of the free SEO tools that I am using and I am going to post some more in the coming days.

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