Backlinks - What the Hell Are They?

I have been talking about gaining backlinks in my previous posts without even giving details what is that all about and how important it is in our SEO campaigns. For me, it is the most important aspect in your SEO campaign to gain higher ranks in the search engines.

It is this important that a lot of SEO practitioners are burning their asses just to get backlinks for their sites. But just why the hell are they doing that? Simple, this Google thing is just like a popularity contest and the most popular contestant gets the prize. And how Google determines the most popular? There are a lot of factors Google considers but the one that gets more weight is this what we call Backlinks.

What are backlinks then? These are the links from other sites pointing to your site. Every link that points to your site is counted by Google as a vote for your site. So the more links pointing to your site, the more popular your site is for Google and it will give higher rank in search pages.

But the quantity of links alone does not guarantee high rank for your site. Google gives more weight to the quality of the links than the quantity of links pointing to your site. This is one of the things many bloggers mislooked in their campaigns. They just grab and grab backlinks without thinking if the links they are gaining are really helping their site in its rank.

So how can we determine the quality of the link? First, determine which site the link come from. Is it an authority site for the niche of your site? For example, if your site is about "entertainment" then you must be getting links from entertainment sites.

Next, your links text (anchor text) must be targeted to the niche of your site. If you are targeting the keyword "bicycle", then your link's anchor text must be "bicycle". I know there have been links that you have encountered that say "Click Here" and the like. Those links have lesser quality because they are not targeted to the keyword which you want your site to rank for.

To summarize: To get link from authority site - Good. To have links from non-authority site but with a targeted anchor text - Good. To get links from authority sites with targeted anchor text - Best.

So the next time you build backlinks to your site, get only the Best links. So how can you acquire those links?  There are a lot of techniques out there and I have already mentioned two of the traditional ways to acquire backlinks in my previous posts. Directory Submissions and Article Submission.

I will be posting more ways how to gain backlinks in my future posts.


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