Free SEO Tools: Directory Submitter

This is my second installment for the free SEO tools that I mentioned in my previous post -"Free SEO Tools: Article Submitter". This is another mass submission software that can help us in submitting our site in different website directories in the internet.

Submitting your site to different website directories can improve your site's link popularity and thus, improve the site's ranking. As many experts say, links coming from these directories are "lighter" compared to the links coming from articles submitted to article directories. This is due to the fact that many directories has been proliferated by spammers. But there are still many descent directories out there that search engines trust and they are the ones listed in the software that I am going to introduce below.

But even if the link's importance is not that heavy but if you can collect hundreds of links from those, I think this can also help your site to rank well in the SERPs.

G-Lock Fast Directory Submitter

This is the first tool that I tested and I come to love this tool not only because it is free but it is really effective and very easy to use. G-Lock Fast Directory Submitter allows you to submit your website to hundreds (150) of directories that are built in the software.

Just input your login information and you are all set. In the process of submission, the software prompts you when the directory requires captcha. Just input the captcha in the space provided and you don't need to switch to your browser since all operations are done in the software's window .

The thing I like most for this software is it allows you to input different title and description for your website then it "spins" it so that it can submit "almost" unique title-description combination to each directories. The more combination you input, the better.

The number of directories will be increased if you are going to avail for the paid version but if you are a beginner or an old time but tight on budget, then the free version will suffice.


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