About The Blogger

The blogger is a self-proclaimed idiot although his professor in college originally tagged him as such. He considers himself a web developer because he can write HTML in notepad but hates Dreamweaver because he doesn't know how to use it. He self-studied classic ASP for five years but was so upset that when he was about half knowing ASP, Microsoft introduced .NET and he started hating web programming then.

Of course, he also considers himself as a blogger even though he knows that nobody reads his nonsense blogs. His aim in writing blog is to be famous in his country but until now, only his wife knows that he has a blog. (this blog is his last chance to stardom :D )

He is also a sports minded individual. Yes, sports is only in his mind. He can't play basketball, volleyball, boxing (he love it most), wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts and any other sports. During his high school and college days, he can't even qualify for the team's cheering squad during intramurals. His role in that event was to fetch water and to buy ice for the players to drink (in short - water boy).

In online/computer games, he loves the good old Starcraft and Half Life. He hates Counter Strike because his computer is so slow that CS won't run smoothly. He has been waiting and praying for Starcraft 2 but as of this writing, the sequel is yet to be realeased.

He is also a wannabe biker. He dreams of himself riding big bikes and a beautiful sexy hot chick in his backride. But this poor idiot just can't afford those bikes, so he bought a Motorstar Z200 bike and modified it to look like the Zusuki Rizla bike and presto - he is a big biker that runs 50 to 60 km per hour in the highway.

He is a mediocre writer. In his high school days, he always got 75 in his "Formal Theme" compositions. Aside from being poor in grammar (be it in English ir in Filipino), he also doesn't know how to do cursive writing as he is just so lazy in practicing such. He passed his research in college by copying an old thesis and maneuvered the figures so it can look original and he was a master of that field.

He is a terrible singer. It has been his childhood dream of becoming a singer but even his mother is having a hard time of becoming his only fan. But irony of all ironies, or call it whatever, he became a member of the choir in his college! Until now he is amazed and can't still believe he was drafted in the college's choir.

But despite all of those mediocrities in his life, he is still proud to be a member of the human specie. But becoming an idiot is not always in the bottom of everything. He still believe in the old saying that says -

"Don't argue with an idiot. He will pull you down to his level and beat you with experience".



idiota said...

Don't hate web developing. Hate asp .net :)
Try php and mysql.

PS: I am also an idiot.

Edefiner Technology - Web Design Company said...
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Create an Online Shop said...

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